Our mission at Hill Harder is to develop extraordinary custom homes that meet the highest possible standards for construction and design. We focus on restoring and adapting historic properties to preserve the unique architecture of the community for current and future generations.


  • Design beautiful, functional spaces that respect the architecture and workmanship of the existing building or the surrounding buildings.  
  • Draw on the expertise of the local historical commission to provide input so that we maintain the architectural integrity of communities. 
  • Work with neighbors and stakeholders as partners to complete projects in a timely, respectful, and appropriate manner. 
  • Support the community by contributing to the history of each home and preserving its unique character for the future.
  • Cultivate a construction team that provides continuity from project to project and builds on our commitment to quality construction.
  • Build each home with the highest level of craftsmanship and greatest possible attention to detail to ensure long-term buyer satisfaction.
  • Incorporate new, energy efficient technologies to heat and cool spaces in state-of-the-art insulated/sealed construction.