Partnering with homeowners, tenants and neighbors is our passion. Each new project, brings a future resident and everyone in the Hill Harder team is honored to be part of their ongoing lives and communities. The testimonials below are why we continue to build the homes they live in.

There are just so many thoughtful touches and conveniences throughout that apartment that make it a delightful place to live (lights in closets, tons of storage, skylight in bathroom, great light throughout the apartment, original wood floors, the list goes on). The location is amazing, and any problem I had with the unit was taken care of right away. I'm very happy to have had such a wonderful home for the past 3 years, and I hope that the future tenants will love living there as much as I did!


I am pleased to inform you that Hill Harder has been selected to receive an award for the restoration of 81 Garfield Street. On behalf of the City of Cambridge and the Historical Commission, I extend my congratulations and appreciation for your efforts.


Echoing other homeowners lucky enough to live in homes created by Lauren Harder and Martin Hill, I can't say enough about how fortunate I feel to have landed in one of the three exquisite units they built in a charming Victorian house on Exeter Park.

I fell in love with their Concord Avenue project years before I was ready to buy, admiring the unusual quality of the work and finishes and the home's thoughtful blend of period detail and cutting edge systems. Last summer when I was ready, I looked exhaustively in Cambridge and Somerville, touring countless cookie-cutter condos churned out by other developers. I saw lots of corner cutting but found nothing that even came close to the integrity, grace and flair I remembered from the Hill Harder project. (The one condo I liked but bid on and lost I now realize was a resale of Lauren and Martin's St. Mary Road project.)

When Exeter Park came on the market my kids saw the photos, knew it would be perfect for me and sent me the listing immediately. I told them I had already seen the unit and made an offer, which happily was accepted! (When my real estate attorney saw the seller was Hill Harder, she confirmed how well regarded the team was.)

Living here this past year has been a joy-a testament to Lauren and Martin's commitment to the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, obsessive attention to detail, unmatched design and aesthetic sense, and above-and-beyond efforts to work with buyers to help them realize their visions of home. Long after I moved in, Lauren and Martin and their whole team worked tirelessly and imaginatively, helping me make design decisions and small additions that have made this condo into the perfect home for me. They are wonderfully responsive, generous and truly a delight to work with. Their commitment to pleasing their customers and to creating beautiful homes that preserve the history and integrity of our neighborhoods while functioning seamlessly and efficiently for 21st century living (ask me about my gas bill!) makes them so well deserving of the many accolades they receive. 


The Cambridge Historical Commission's Preservation Awards Program has honored property owners who conserve and protect the city's architecture since 1997. Hill Harder has been selected to receive an award for the restoration of 27 Grant Street and the rehabilitation and construction of adjacent complementary residences.

Charles M Sullivan, Executive Director, Cambridge Historical Commission

Amy and I started this journey several years ago in anticipation of becoming empty nesters and moving to a more urban setting. After seeing several of your homes anonymously and then tracking Lauren down on LinkedIn, we were lucky enough to meet you both. That first meeting we shared our vision and there was immediate karma. The leap of faith Amy and I took was never in question, a year of seeing 24 Lowell deconstructed then rebuilt was truly amazing. The integrity of work, skill and pride in the end product is reminiscent of craftsmanship from years gone by.

We are so thoroughly happy at 24 Lowell St, it's our home now and one day grandchildren will grace our presence here. In the meantime we are loving everything about the house.  We can entertain friends and family.  They say the 50's is the new 20's (right?); well being able to walk to Darwins, The Beat Hotel and along the Charles makes us feel that way.  We could not be happier and Lauren and Martin are a big part of that.

Scott Barrie, 24 Lowell, Cambridge MA

Of developers and builders whose works have affected us and diverse neighbors during the past two decades, Martin Hill and Lauren Harder have been the most responsible--and the most finely attuned to Cambridge architecture and the best uses of limited spaces--we've encountered.

Before they undertook a major project abutting our current residence, we scrutinized their previous projects, and spoke with residents and neighbors. Our own positive reactions, and those of people immediately impacted, were more than borne out by Martin and Lauren's subsequent development of Brattle Circle.

Although the care with which they improved this historic property seemed to us to obviate every reasonable concern, they nonetheless employed a superintendent on the spot 24/7 who has since become our own--and several neighbors'--go-to man for many subsequent building and property maintenance issues.

We've volunteered to recommend Hill & Harder to others because they've improved every Cambridge neighborhood they've worked in--and have done so better than any other firm we, or our Cambridge friends, have employed or been effected by.

Nancy Hallock and Keith Arbour, Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge

I am profoundly grateful to Martin Hill and Lauren Harder for building our home in Cambridge. The Hill Harder Development Group designed and built the Brattle Circle Residences, where I live. When I saw the fabulous construction at the site, I knew right away that I wanted to live there, so I quickly contacted Martin. All throughout, he and Lauren have been helpful, kind and supportive, as I purchased the condominium and created my home. When I first moved into my unit, they were still working to complete the other units, and they helped me often with anything and everything from snow removal to decorating decisions! Now two years later I still call with occasional home questions, but also because I consider them my friends. I suspect that many other people who work with Hill Harder Development Group feel the same way that I do. I appreciate the beauty and the exceptional quality of my house, the surroundings and our community.

Julie Join, Brattle Circle, Cambridge

We love your work..and just the way in which you do business!!

Owner, Brattle Circle

Thanks! I am really loving the design and considerate touches in this apartment as well as how responsive you all are.

Tenant, 23 Grant Street

I really appreciate Lauren and Martin’s professionalism and promptness as well as accessibility at all times.

Any issue we had was immediately addressed and resolved. Both Lauren and Martin have a work quality and ethics which are hard to find in builders today, truly to be admired.

Owner, Brattle Circle